Each game has lots of rules variations, and strategies created according to each game variation. Like online blackjack has a blackjack basic strategy chart for every game, and online roulette provides special rules and betting options for each version. There are two basic types of Omaha poker: Omaha Hihg and Omaha Hi Lo.

Omaha High Poker rules

Omaha High Poker rules are very similar to Texas Hold’em poker rules. The game also starts from placing the blind bets which are the live bets. Then the players are dealt four (!) hole cards each and the betting round occurs. Like in Texas Hold’em poker the flop, turn and river card are dealt and followed by the betting rounds. The players are also offered to call, bet, raise, fold or check. In the showdown the last bettor is the first to show the cards. Then all the players reveal their cards clockwise and the winner is indicated. Unlike Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker rules state that the player must use two of his or her hole cards and only three of the community cards to create the hand. In case of the ties the pot is split.

Omaha Hi Lo poker is played like Omaha High with one exception in poker rules: in the showdown the player with the highest and the player with the lowest hand split the pot.

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