Razz poker is 7 Card Stud Low, online casinos poker variation that became incredibly popular due to poker tournaments. It is usually played at the table with up to eight players. (Note: now thanks to poker tournaments lots of online blackjack players have the ability to try their skills at multitable play blackjack tournaments). The objective of the game is to hold the lowest five card hand (out of seven dealt cards). Aces in Razz are always low and thus the lowest possible hand contains Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Razz poker has ante structure and the ante amount is usually smaller than the low limit bet size. So, before the cards are dealt all players place ante bets and the hand begins. Each player is dealt two cards face down and one face up, the player with the strongest exposed card must bring in (post equal to the low limit bet size). In case two players hold the cards with the same value the bring-in is posted by the players sitting closer to the dealer’s left. The betting round follows. If no one raised the bet the player who made bring-in mustn’t place more money into the pot to see the next card (the betting is completed as soon as all players contribute equal into the pot).

Razz tbetting rounds andcard dealing sessions

  1. The players are dealt three cards each, two cards are face down and one face up. The player with the highest face up card must bring in and the round of betting proceeds clockwise around poker table. 
  2. The fourth card (or the fourth street) is dealt face up. This time the player with the lowest face up card starts betting. In case two players hold cards of the same value the player closest to the dealer’s left is first to act.
  3. One more card (or the fifth street) is dealt face up. Like in the previous rounds of betting the player with the lowest showing card is to start the action. At this point the betting amount is usually doubled.
  4. The six (or the six street) card is dealt face up to every player and the betting proceeds.
  5. The last seventh card (or the seventh street) is dealt face down. After the final round of betting there is a showdown. Usually only a few players (or just one) stay in the hand till that point. Otherwise there are not enough cards for all the players and in such case a single card is placed on the board face up and can be used by all the players (as community card).
  6. Showdown. The players that are still in the hand reveal their cards. The player with the lowest hand wins the pot. In the showdown it is possible to muck the cards without showing up and at most online poker rooms the players can choose the option to automatically muck the cards without showing up.
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