Badugi is in fact the variation of lowball triple draw poker originated in Korea. The structure of this poker game differs much from the rules of the standard poker rules. Internet gambling is one of the most profitable spheres online, and therefore there are lots of resources about gambling games like online roulette, blackjack information and poker info sites. What makes us so special is that here you can not only read all about the game, but may also learn how to play and win. That’s why if you are going to play Badugi read and learn the game rules in detail. 


Usually Badugi poker is played in two blind structure (with small and big blinds). After the blinds are placed each player at the table is dealt four hole cards. After the first round of betting (known as pre-draw betting round) there is a draw which means that the players can replace any of their cards with other cards in the deck. Than two more draws occur, followed by betting each. During betting the players can choose to call, check, raise or fold (as in traditional poker rules). The final betting round finishes with the showdown. Usually Badugi is played in fixed limit, half pot limit or pot limit structure.


The objective of the game is to hold four low cards. In case the player holds two cards with the same rank or suit these two cards are counted as single one (the duplicate card is not taken into account). Thus in the showdown the player can hold three or even two cards (less common – one card). The four card hand is known as Badugi and it beats any three or two card hand. In Badugi poker Ace is always low. Thus the best Badugi hand is Ace, 2, 3, 4 of different suits and the worst one contains for Kings (it is counted as one King hand).


In general, most draw poker strategies apply to Badugi. One of the major mistakes in Badugi is to draw in the last round if there is the player who didn’t draw. But of course much depends on the circumstances. The table position in Badugi is also quite important. Late position is very profitable as the players possess more information and thus have more chances to bluff successfully. Another key factor in Badugi is the number of players at the table. The more players are in the game the higher chances of four card hand to occur are. Bluffing is considered to be inappropriate at the table with six or more players and it is successful if there are fewer than four players in the hand.

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