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Strategy is one of the two most effective legal commercial gaming methods in beating any online casinos and most of them are the same for all poker, blackjack, roulette and online slots casinos. The very first and the most important component of any poker betting strategy states to play disciplined and tight poker. All casino games requires some sort of strategy in order to be successful in the game. As the starting cards are very important be more critical to the first dealt cards and try to foresee the outcome of the hand. Lots of details in poker influence the outcome of the game, so be attentive. Apart from game rules there are casino rules and options, about which you should remember. Among them you will find bonus and promo offers. By the way, don't forget to check out will hill free bet terms.

Mind the position

The player’s position is very important in every poker game, especially if there is a great number of players at the poker table. The early position is the most undesirable as the first bettor does not have any information about the opponents’ actions, while the last position is considered to be the best as the last player to act knows how all the other players acted and thus he or she can play accordingly. So, remember that the later your position is the better your probabilities but of course this is true only in case of the smart play.

For example, there are ten players at the poker table. The first five players are sitting in the early position, next three players are in the middle position and the last two – in late position. Here we give the list of good starting hands which must signal that the player should bet or raise.

Position Bet Raise
early 99-55 AA-TT
middle 66-22 AA-77
late 66-22 AA-77
early   AK-AJ, KQ
middle AT, KJ, QJ, JT AK-AJ, KQ
early A8-A2, K9, QT-Q9 AK-A9, KQ-KT, QJ
middle A8-A2, K9-K8, QT-Q8, JT, T9, 98, 87, 76 AK-A9, KQ-KT, QJ
late A8-A2, K9-K5, QT-Q7, JT-J8, T9-T8, 98, 87, 76, 65, 54 AK-A9, KQ-KT, QJ

If you have the high pairs (AA-JJ) and you have already raised you are recommended to reraise as these starting hands are very strong and in most cases result in the win.

So, the novices are recommended to play too tight rather than too loose since tight poker betting strategy in general makes  the losses less probable. In fact, you can’t win much but at least you do not lose.  Every player should practice a lot and at last learn how to play this or that starting hand in every position.

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