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Welcome to! Here you can find everything you want to know about casino poker: history from its early days to modern times, the latest tools that are used at traditional and online casinos and of course, places where you can find the best poker software. Your poker gambling will become perfect very soon, just keep reading articles that reveal secrets of poker games and practice you skills.

Poker is game, which you have to know perfectly to play it successfully. It is not like slots or even blackjack, where you play against casino hometogel alternatif, here you play against other players, who can be very skillful. If you are not sure that you will be able to learn the game, it would be better to choose something less complicated for you like slots or Both of them are interesting for playing, besides, they offer huge winning for players, but you do not need to spend hours studying information about game rules and mastering strategies. If you think that there is no better game for you than poker, and you are sure that you want to become skilled poker player, with our help you will achieve your aim quicker. If you want to do that right now - check out this websites list of where to play poker online for players.

So what exactly can you find at this website and how can you use this information during your gambling? Below you will find information that covers basic topics presented here. But be sure, at PokerAge you will find even more, and each month you can receive the reports on gambling events. Moreover, PokerAge gives you a complete tour through online poker operators accepting players throughout the world. The number of operators is growing rapidly and sometimes it's hard to distinguish a reliable offer from a scammy one. We analyze all the offers on the market and recommend to our readers only the sources that passed the check. For instance, one of such sources is this online casino guide for UK players - still you can read about many more if you browse our site further!

What Do We Offer?

We’d like to bring to your attention some facts and news about World Series of Poker. Poker tournaments are very popular today they are the perfect way to show how you good you are in this game. Lots of players, who took part at these tournaments, today are known as poker gurus, who even teach how to play this game! If these competitions did not exist, maybe we would not have any chances to read good gambling books. Here you can find history of the most popular poker competitions and get to know about the most significant and up to date game events.

World Poker Tournament is the Ultimate place for all poker gamblers. This year we expect to face this grandiose event at one of the best hotels of Las Vegas. The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is showcasing the ultimate poker contest: the WSOP 2011. A glittering tally of $180 million is waiting to be won and players are scrambling to stake their claim to poker glory. Join the likes of Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan in a quest to be the best!

We want to keep you abreast of the gambling details, as we are sure, that professional gamblers know a lot not only about games they play, but also about casino gambling in general. That is why news and events happening with online poker and news about online casinos can be found here. As mentioned before, here is also information about top-rated websites where you can find the full list of poker games. You will also find here some of the casinos reviewed in details.

Enjoy Poker Games

Many people think that gambling is very expensive pleasure, especially poker online. But it is not true! Play free casino games and you'll see how exciting it can be! You have no need to pay for having fun now. Besides, you can play poker using no deposit bonuses, which you can find at some casinos. But probably the best way to enjoy this game is to play with your friends! Even if you do not know rules it will be interesting for you to play with them, but if you want to show how good you are in poker, stay with us to learn the details of the game! Ways of playing poker are numerous and not all of them require big money investments.

For example, you can visit buzz luck casino to find all of the possible poker games and even some of the lucrative options to play them, such as bonuses and freerolls which give the unique opportunity to enjoy games. Bonuses can always make the life of gambler less complicated, especially when they are offered for playing your favorite games. Pay attention that even if poker is not the only game you play, here you can find bonuses for other games as well! It can help you start gambling with good chances to play more rounds and win in a result.

Do not forget that there are many poker-based games which also have interesting rules of playing and offer huge payments. If you are ready to the fullest poker experience we recommend that you try all of the poker variants and also a couple of video poker games.

Compared to other casino games, the history of video poker of course is very recent. Although extremely primitive prototypes of video poker were around in the 1880s in America (using barrels and cards), it was not until the advent of modern technology that they could actually develop the machines of today.

Finding the best legal online poker sites can be a daunting task, especially when you are struggling to make a few money bets at last. Of course, you can find a guide for choosing a casino and start to follow its recommendation. That is good way to choose the place to play, but not when you are in hurry.

Top Poker Rooms
# Name US visitors % of Match Bonus Offered
1. Carbon Poker 100% $500
2. PokerStars 100% $50
3. Full Tilt 100% $600
4. Bodog   110% $500
5. Sportsbook 100% $650
6. Titan Poker   50% $200
7. Mansion   100% $500
8. Players Only 100% $650
9. Bwin     $250
10. Ultimate bet   111% $1100

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat refers to a highly prestigious card game that can be found at a lot of casinos, both offline and online, Spin Palace is a great online casino which offers baccarat. Find out everything you need to know about it here.

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General rules

All suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs) in poker are equal and do not influence the value of the card combination. According to the basic poker rules, all poker hands contain five cards and the hand with the highest value wins.

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Poker hands

Poker hands are the sequences of five cards. For example: Jack, 10, 9, 8 and 7. As the suits do not matter in most poker games the ties are broken by the highest card in the hand. Straight Flush from Ace to ten is called Royal Flush.

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Betting limits

In no limit poker games there are no any betting limits which means that the player can bet or raise any amount even the whole amount of chips the player has. There are no restrictions on the highest betting limit unlike playing online baccarat.

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