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Odds are very important in any casino game like roulette game and slots odds  games as well as in all poker games. Their knowledge helps to play particular hands correctly and find the right decisions in difficult situations. Some experienced players are likely to play more by “feel” but in fact every poker game is based on odds and good players just apply them in their game strategies automatically. So, to bet and call correctly familiarize with the odds in poker and only then move to the real game.

The table below shows you the frequency of dealing each poker hand of 52 card deck without wild cards. The probability of every hand to appear is calculated as the ratio of the number of ways the hand can be dealt to the total number of all possible hands. In addition you can study your odds to get this or that particular hand. However, no matter how great you are at odds, remember to play only at casinos that follow the responsible gaming standards.

Hand Frequency Probability Odds
Royal Flush 4 0.000154% 649,739 in 1
Straight Flush 36 0.00139% 72,192.33 in 1
Four of a Kind 624 0.0240% 4,164 in 1
Full House 3,744 0.144% 693.2 in 1
Flush 5,108 0.197% 507.8 in 1
Straight 10,200 0.392% 253.8 in 1
Three of a Kind 54,912 2.11% 46.3 in 1
Two Pair 123,552 4.75% 20.03 in 1
One Pair 1,098,240 42.3% 2.36 in 1
High Card 1,302,540 50.1% 0.995 in 1
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