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Betting Limits

Money management is crucial when the gambler has not much funds he can afford for gambling. Different poker betting structures are the way out. According to the wikipedia, all poker games are played in three basic structures: No Limit (NL), Pot Limit (PL) and Fixed Limit (FL). The betting structure of poker game determines the amount the players can bet (or raise up to that amount) in every betting round, which is the same in online blackjack at most internet blackjack casino sites.

No Limit

In no limit poker games there are no any betting limits which means that the player can bet or raise any amount even the whole amount of chips the player has (All-in option). As you understand there are no any restrictions on the highest betting limit but the size of the smallest betting amount is determined by the game rules. The players can wager all money using All-in option and in this case the side pot is created (it accumulates all the bets placed after All-in). Usually the winner gets the main pot and the second best player is awarded the side pot. Sometimes it happens that the winner of the side pot gets more money than the winner of the main pot. No limit poker games are played without caps (the limited number of raises per round).

Fixed Limit

In the fixed limit poker game the size of bets and raises is limited by the rules. This size is always stated in the name of the game, for example, in $10/$20 Fixed Limit poker the betting limit is $10 in the first betting rounds and in the last rounds it cannot go beyond $20. Fixed limit poker games are always played with the cap, usually it is allowed to raise bet three times per round and the number of raises can be increased in the last betting rounds. Fixed limit poker games are maybe the most reliable as their betting structure prevents from big losses, that’s why it is very popular with the poker beginners.

Pot Limit

In pot limit poker games the bet and raise amount is limited to the size of pot. The rules of calculating the betting amounts may vary from game to game, that’s why each time you play pot limit poker game check up the official poker rules at the casino you play at. The smallest betting amount is always equal to the big blind and the bet can be raised only by the amount of the previous bet or raise min. Thus in the last betting rounds the bet amounts may be very high.

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