Game variations are useful for those players that like playing lots of games at the land and online casinos rooms, as not all games are totally the same and tips for cheating at slots and roulette tips for betting are different for all games. Draw poker differs from other poker variations by the way the cards are dealt. In all Draw poker games the players receive complete hand before betting occurs and then some of the cards can be replaced with the new ones during the draw (the number of draws depends on the variation of Draw poker). Draw poker can be played in different structures: in home games antes are always used while in casino games the blinds are usually used. Draw poker can be played with 2-8 players at the table.

5 Card Draw Poker Gameplay

5 Card Draw poker is considered to be the standard Draw poker variation and it is believed that most poker games are based on it. The game starts with blinds posting and then the players are dealt five face down cards each. The players verify their cards and make their bets. The players can call, raise or fold. If there are more than one player still in the hand after the first betting round the draw occurs. The players decide what cards they want to replace, discard these cards and get the same number of other cards from the deck. The second betting round follows. When all the bets are made there is a showdown. The players reveal their cards and the pot is awarded to the poker player with the strongest hand.

Other Draw Poker Variations

Among other popular Draw poker variations are California Lowball, Badugi, Double-Draw and Triple-Draw.

Lowball poker that was very popular in California in the 1970s is played with a single joker in deck. It is always played with blinds and the objective of the game is to hold the lowest five card hand. Pay attention to two main aspects that are very important in Lowball poker. First of all, if the player with the 7-high hand or better checks after the draw he or she loses the chance to win any money that are placed into the pot after the draw. In addition, if the player checks on the second betting round he or she can’t raise later (this rule is not applied in no limit and pot limit games).

Badugi is the ace-to-five lowball poker variation in which the special hand rankings are used. Read more about Badugi.

Double-Draw and Triple-Draw poker games are played with two and three draws correspondingly. As every draw is followed by betting there are three and four betting rounds. These poker variations are popular mostly among professional gamblers and played at the tournaments.

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