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Beginners' Guide

Everybody begins as a beginner

General rules

The number of cards dealt to each player depends on the game variation. Usually the players get five cards, just enough for making poker hand, but in some games this number can be bigger, for example in 7 Card stud. All in all, only five cards can be used to create poker hand.

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Poker hands

Flush is the poker hand which consists of any five cards all of the same suit, for example: Jack, 7, 6, 4, 2 all of spades. The ties are broken by the highest card or the next highest card. Again, the suit doesn't matter. There 5,148 possible Flushes among which are 40 Straight Flushes.

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Betting limits

IIn the fixed limit poker game the size of bets and raises is limited by the rules. This size is always stated in the name of the game, for example, in $10/$20 Fixed Limit poker the betting limit is $10 in the first betting rounds and in the last rounds it cannot go beyond $20.

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Beginner lessons

  1. General poker rules
  2. Poker betting limits
  3. Poker hands
  4. Poker betting options


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